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Pigment spots


Pigment spots are the result of repeated and unprotected sun exposure, but they can also be caused by a genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or contraceptive intake. The skin can also become pigmented due to inflammation after sustaining an injury, an irritating intervention or after prolonged exposure to UV rays.


It is possible to prevent the appearance of pigment spots by following a few simple rules. The application of a quality sunscreen or a total sunblock before sun exposure is highly recommended and can significantly reduce the appearance of those annoying spots. In addition, since some perfumes containing alcohol can be photosensitizing, limit their use during sun exposure.


In the case that the pigment spots are already present, several options are available to you. For example, a cure of 5 to 10 Chemical Peel is a very effective way to reduce the appearance of pigment spots. During a Chemical Peel treatment, the aesthetician performs a deep exfoliation that evens the skin tone.


Finally, some beauty care products can also have a whitening effect. For example, the Exitus AHA 10% cleanser, Exitus Fruit acid cream 10% , stimulates cell regeneration, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fights free radicals.


Whether you choose one or the other method listed above, the most important is to consult your aesthetician.

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