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Exitus Skincare



For more information about Exitus Skincare products and to find your nearest clinic, complete the form and we will contact you shortly. Are you a Doctor  or Esthetician and wants to work with Exitus skincare products. We are happy to book an appointment or a telephone conference call with you and presents Exitus Skincare product. Or just fill in the form. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Question: Why should I use Exitus?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with your skin, if you have acne, hyperpigmentation, coarse, gray or aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles etc Exitus can be the help you need, but also for those who want to manage the skin you have today. It is the content, the powerful and effective substances including various AHA and BHA acids that make Exitus so powerful and effective. By acids "peels" away the lipids (fats and fat-like substances) in the top layer of skin, they and other effective substances penetrate more easily under the top layer of skin. The result is a more beautiful, smoother skin with radiance and softness.



Question: What is AHA and BHA peelings? 

Answer: Alpha Beta Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy acids are as glycol, fruit, salicylic and lactic acids extracted from examples grapes, apple, cantaloupe, sugar beets, sugar cane, pineapple, milk, and from vegetables and plants. Natural substances produced into concentrated.



Question: Is it dangerous to use different chemical peels?

Answer: Our Exitus sale products contains a balanced amount of acids and all with different skin problems can use them everyday, morning / evening. In contrast, the professional Exitus-peels done at the salon has obviously a higher concentrate that requires training and experience. That is why they only performed at the salon under review.



Question: I think cosmeceuticals are so expensive. Why must it be?

Answer: If we had the possibility to choose, everyone would have a flawless skin! To produce various acids and produce professional natural substances is a long process that is produced in a laboratory. Many people stands behind including export and custom. What we want to communicate is that Exitus products is very powerful! For example eye cream, a small drop to both eyes, toner as well. Do not overconsume, the effect is unchanged even if you take a lot. Perhaps it may even be that your Exitus product is more cost effective because it does not run out as fast than the one you buy at your department store.


Question: How do you know that your products are as good as you say?

Answer: We ourselves can testify results of regular use, our customers have shown that they really do benefit. For a long time we have followed the customers who have undergone major changes, even mentally. Self-confidence increases when you have a beautiful skin which is obvious.




Question: Where can I buy Exitus products

Answer: At skin care salons and some webstores.




Question: How long do I have to use Exitus before it starts to appear?

Answer: As always, it depends on what skin type you have and your goal with your skin care but our products are powerful and give effect if you use our products regularly. Have you however severe acne or very wrinkled or gray complexion, we recommend that you first start with a stronger Exitus chemical peel that make you more receptive to our sales products. For the products to penetrate deep, your skin have to be as clean of grease, dead skin cells and as soft as possible.




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