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We at Exitus are passionate about skin care, skin care that really makes a difference. Our products are suitable for all skin types , regardless of age . A healthy complexion are noticed. It shows health, energy and power, qualities that make you feel good. Exitus can reduce your severe acne, to bring more shine and moisture to aging skin, reduce / remove pigment spots or simply manage the nice skin you already have for the future.

For us, the content is more important than the packaging , all for the price to be as low as possible for our customers. The gigantic range on the skin care market often make it difficult for the customer to choose but after seeing evidence that Exitus works, we are confident that our products have a future. We want to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful skin, no matter if you are young or older , male or female !


But why do Exitus benefit?

Most of the Exitus products contain AHA, and Glycolic acid is a Carboxylic acid that penetrates very easily through the skin are present in all living organisms and fills where vital functions . More acids are represented as Lactic acid and Salicylic acid- acids that exfoliates away dead skin cells, extracted from fruit, eg grapes and apple. Even Squalane is a powerful ingredient - an oil-soluble substance produced from olive oil or extracted shark liver. It gives the skin a silky surface, seems humectant and emollient. It is similar to the skin's sebum and is one of the key components in our own sebum. Squalane does not feel sticky on the skin and because of its ease, it can be advantageously used in oily skin and is a compensation to the non-natural silicone oils used in both skin and hair care products.

More topics are from nature such as aloe vera, but also Hyaluronic acid which is a constituent of skin tissue, chamomile , papaya and cucumber extract , sage, bergamot, olive oil and other essential oils , seaweed extract, rose hip oil and others.

Would you like to offer Exitus skincare at your clinic? Please contact us

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