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Eczema is a common problem that causes the skin to become inflamed. People often also call it dermatitis.Eczema comes in many forms. But the different types of eczema tend to cause these symptoms:


  • Itching. The itching can be intense. The damage to the skin during eczema is often due to scratching.

  • Scaling. The surface of the skin can flake off, giving the skin a rough, scaly appearance.

  • Redness. The affected skin may bleed and appear blotchy.

  • Fluid-filled blisters . These can ooze and form crusts.

  • Cracking. Severely affected skin may develop painful, deep cracks, also called fissures.


Depending on the cause, eczema may flare up and cause severe symptoms. But it can also become a chronic problem with less intense symptoms.

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